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Picking the Right Forklift Rental: The Benefits of Rough Terrain Forklifts

Forklift Trucks

If there is one thing that traditional forklifts cannot do, it’s operate on unstable surfaces in difficult outdoor environments. This inability can be attributed to a number of things, such as inadequate traction or not enough ground clearance (which is necessary to handle uneven, rocky, or muddy terrain). When forklifts are lacking in these areas, the stability of your machine becomes compromised and it is no longer safe to operate. So, where does this leave businesses that must operate under these rugged conditions? This is where rough terrain forklifts come in. These forklifts are an ideal solution for all-terrain applications, including those found in forestry, construction, and agriculture. The lifting functions that a traditional forklift has paired with the utility of a tractor is what makes rough terrain forklifts truly unique. These off-road workhorses can easily climb embankments and operate on rough surfaces while carrying a load without posing safety issues or getting stuck. Read on as we dive into the features of a rough terrain forklift rental that make it much more suitable for the great outdoors than its conventional counterpart.

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Industrial Pallet Racks and Order Picking Efficiency

Order picking can easily consume more than half of a warehouse's resources. Since order picking is one of the most labor-consuming, time-consuming, and budget-consuming aspects of warehouse operations, streamlining it is one of the biggest ways warehouses can improve tight profit margins. Warehouses can adopt many strategies for improving their order picking efficiency. In the effort to create more efficient operations, warehouse managers need to take advantage of the opportunities provided by industrial pallet racks.

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Fort Worth, Texas

Darr Equipment Co. (Southlake office) has a new address:

3800 North Beach Street Haltom City, Texas 76130

Same phone number: 817-410-4800

Customers will experience the same quality and timely service that they have come to expect from Darr. Our phone number will remain the same, as will all the friendly faces you've come to know. We didn't go far, but we are better positioned to help.

For the past few weeks we have installed new equipment and technology, upgrading and overhauling our current equipment and systems, outfitting our new professional building and business offices in Haltom City, Texas. Our move is important, as it better positions us to serve customers counting on us.

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