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Forklift Winter Prep: Steps to Take

Truck Lidhult

When you buy a forklift, you make a significant financial investment. They are also the backbone of your company. Without them, you cannot keep your business running, complete your contracts, or move your inventory.

That is why you must keep your forklifts in excellent working condition, all year round. Winter in particular presents challenges for forklift maintenance. When you buy a forklift, you rarely think about your shiny new machine rusting because of snow or its fluids congealing because of the cold. However, those setbacks are a real possibility if you do not take proper care of your machine.

To help you weather winter more successfully with your forklifts, here are some tips for preparing them for the coldest, harshest months of the year.

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Benefits of Using a High-Lift Pallet Jack

Traditional counter-balance forklifts are not always the best solution to your warehouse storage needs. Sometimes, you need a more compact and agile tool to maneuver pallets. Pallet jacks offer this solution. Whether electric or manual, they allow you to load and unload pallets in tight spaces that require maximum maneuverability.

One type of pallet jack, the high-lift pallet jack, adds the ability to load and unload from locations traditional pallet jacks cannot. While this tool is not right for all situations, it can be extremely helpful in certain scenarios. Here are the biggest benefits of using this type of pallet jack in your warehouse.

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When to Use High-Density Warehouse Racking Systems

Warehouse Racking Systems

In a world in which warehouses handle increasing amounts of inventory while facing increasing costs, making the most of existing space is a priority. Elements of the warehouse previously considered essential, like traditional selective racking, are falling by the wayside in favor of using that space to store inventory.

Successfully reducing or eliminating aisles and increasing storage capacity requires creativity, efficiency, and high-density warehouse racking systems. At the same time, these systems are not for everyone. As with any storage solution, they work best in specific situations. Here is a look at some situations that may require their usage, and some that do not.

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