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Increasing Warehouse Storage Capacity: Used Pallet Racking Options & More

Warehouse Racking System

When the working storage capacity of a warehouse exceeds the 85 percent utilization level, productivity levels tend to take a dive. This can be attributed to a variety of issues, like extra work caused by the commingling of multiple pallets or SKUs in storage locations, overly congested receiving and shipping docks, and so on. The best way to remedy these problems is to increase your warehouse’s storage capacity, but that doesn’t always have translate to a whole new shelving system. Keep reading as we explore some alternatives for increasing your facility’s storage capacity – from changing your aisle widths to reimagining your existing used pallet racking – and what your options are if you do choose to purchase a new system.

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Racking Gone Wrong: Poor Used Pallet Racking Practices and More

Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving

When done right, optimizing your warehouse shelving can increase your storage space and improve productivity. There are many options when it comes to purchasing, installing, and maintaining your pallet racking. Unfortunately, with this seemingly endless number of options comes more room for error. Keep reading as we discuss seven of the most commonly made storage mistakes, from choosing a bad layout from the get-go to engaging in poor used pallet racking practices and more.

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Fleet Track Management: Valuable Solutions from a Forklift Service Company

CAT Lift Trucks

Managing a pool of industrial vehicles can be a challenge even in the best of times. Add external influences that managers have little control over – like new legislation, rising costs, and even crises that can affect the supply chain (such as the Coronavirus pandemic) – and fleet management can soon become seemingly impossible. Luckily, there are valuable solutions that forklift service companies can offer to help fleet managers make the task less unwieldy. Many of these solutions involve helpful software that works to coordinate fleet management activities and support the role of the manager. Keep reading as we delve into the purpose and challenges of fleet management, along with how Darr Equipment’s Fleet Track software can set your warehouse up for success.

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