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How to Save Money on Forklift Maintenance

Forklift maintenance isn't just important: It is required by OSHA, and with good reason. Forklift maintenance catches problems before they become major accidents at the job site, thereby protecting both your inventory and your workers. Forklift maintenance can also be expensive. Paying a trained technician to come out and inspect your forklift regularly, in addition to carrying out your own inspections, will cost money.

However, there are ways to save money on forklift maintenance. If you can stay on top of issues like the cleanliness and repair of your floor, the training of your operators, and your maintenance contract, you can keep your forklifts in good working order with a minimum of expenditures.


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Pallet Racking Height: Factors to Consider

Warehouse Racking Systems

If your warehouse is like many others, you are trying to fit more inventory into a static space. In the face of increasing warehouse rental rates, moving is not always feasible, while spending millions to build a new warehouse is also often unrealistic for cash-strapped businesses.

When faced with the need to store more items in the same space, you may want to look up. Taking advantage of your vertical storage space can help you to fit more inventory into your warehouse without impacting efficiency in picking orders. You just need the right pallet racking to make vertical storage possible.

When choosing this pallet racking, the biggest factor to consider is how high it needs to be. Typically, pallet racking can be stacked in tiers consisting of upright posts and shelving beams. The number of stacks you need depends on a number of different factors, all of which you will need to consider before purchasing your pallet racking.

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How an Order Picker Can Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Jungheinrich EKS 314 Forklifts

"Time is money," as the old saying goes. With customers ordering smaller quantities of items, and a greater variety of items, than ever before, more than 50 percent of your warehouse's operational costs, if you are like the average warehouse, is spent on picking orders. All that time spent picking orders is money draining out of your pocket.

You can avoid the money drain and improve efficiency in your warehouse by using an order picker. The faster you pick orders, the more orders you can fill in a day, and the more efficient your pickers' work becomes. Simply, you’ll be able to improve your profit margins and your warehouse's efficiency while also getting products to your customers in a timely manner.

The right order picker can make a measurable difference in your warehouse efficiency. Here is how.

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