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How Fleet Management Solutions Benefit Forklift Maintenance

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Warehouse space in the DFW area is skyrocketing. One study estimates that the area will experience 46.3 million square feet of new warehouse space in the next two years. This rapid expansion is due largely to the dramatic increase in e-commerce spending by consumers, which has led to a steep increase in the amount of inventory that needs to be managed through warehouses.

As warehouse space increases, so do the forklift needs of these businesses. Being able to effectively and safely move inventory is critical to the success of these warehouses. Many businesses, however, struggle to minimize the money they spend on their forklifts while maximizing those machines' performance. They may purchase a new machine when an old one simply needed repair, or spend time and money servicing machines that should be replaced.

This is where fleet management solutions come in. The right solution can help businesses effectively track their forklift maintenance and know when to keep a machine and when to replace it. Here is a look at some of the specific ways in which fleet management solutions can support successful fleet maintenance.

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Forklift Maintenance and Other Forklift & Pedestrian Safety Tips

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About 20 percent of all forklift accidents involve a forklift and a pedestrian colliding. This translates into about 19,000 people being hit by a forklift every year. Creating habits and policies that prevent these collisions, therefore, is an essential aspect of fleet management and warehouse solutions.

The responsibility for avoiding collisions falls on both pedestrians and forklift operators alike. However, OSHA is clear: Forklift operators and businesses that own and use forklifts are responsible for creating an environment that minimizes the chances of accidents occurring.

There are many steps you can take to limit forklift/pedestrian accidents. Here are a few of the most important ones.

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Improve Warehouse Efficiency with Warehouse Shelving Racks and More

It is not quite Spring yet, but everyone could benefit from an early cleaning. Nobody likes clutter and confusing organization in their home. The same is true for warehouses, which are especially prone to inefficient layouts that can stifle productivity and even infringe on the safety of your staff. Below are the steps you should take to ensure that your warehouse is running as efficiently as possible.

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