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The Benefits of Preventative Forklift Service & Maintenance

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Forklift service should be performed regularly in order to avoid costly repair issues. It is suggested that forklifts be serviced about every 200 hours of use. Then the question becomes time use or actual pedal use? Determining use is comparable to the little sticker that an automotive repair facility places on your windshield after an oil service showing the “Next Oil Change: Date and Mileage” recommendation. There is a mile use and a time use distinguished. With forklift service, it is a pedal use and a time use distinction.

Forklifts also require a daily maintenance check, usually by shift, that should be documented per OSHA regulations. Having a pre-operation checklist available is important and plays a significant role in making sure that all safety measures are being observed and adhered to. This is helpful in documenting both time and pedal usage so the correct forklift maintenance schedule can be practiced and adhered to. During these inspections, if a problem is detected, schedule the forklift for service with your forklift repair company.

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Important Factors to Consider When Planning Forklift Maintenance

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As a warehouse manager, you probably know that any disruption to the daily workflow is a large inconvenience and could have a serious financial impact on your business. This is why it is critical that you regularly maintain and service every piece of machinery you own. Forklifts in particular are very important for facilitating everyday heavy lifting that exists in a warehouse environment, making them an especially important piece of equipment. While many companies do understand the importance of forklift maintenance, they are not always sure how often it should be performed. Read on as we discuss some guidelines to determine how to best plan your fleet’s maintenance schedule and some key maintenance tasks that should be performed.

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A Guide to the High Lift Pallet Jack

High Lift Pallet Jack

A high lift pallet jack is an affordable, user-friendly alternative to lift trucks and forklifts. It features a hydraulic mechanism that allows a single operator to lift a full-size pallet and move it around a warehouse without excessive strain. Keep reading as we explore the types of pallet jacks available, how to use one, applications for your machine, and the advantages of owning a pallet jack.

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