The Latest DARR News

Fort Worth, Texas

Darr Equipment Co. (Southlake office) has a new address:

3800 North Beach Street Haltom City, Texas 76130

Same phone number: 817-410-4800

Customers will experience the same quality and timely service that they have come to expect from Darr. Our phone number will remain the same, as will all the friendly faces you've come to know. We didn't go far, but we are better positioned to help.

For the past few weeks we have installed new equipment and technology, upgrading and overhauling our current equipment and systems, outfitting our new professional building and business offices in Haltom City, Texas. Our move is important, as it better positions us to serve customers counting on us.

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Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving: Steel Edition

Reorganizing your warehouse can be a huge undertaking. It can create periods of downtime that can sink productivity and profits. This is why it is so important to invest in durable products that have the stamina to withstand your day-to-day operations and the versatility to grow with you. One of those products falls under the category of heavy duty industrial shelving. More specifically, steel industrial shelving has many benefits associated with it. Read on as we delve into the advantages of using steel shelving solutions in your warehouse.

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How to Save Money On a Forklift Rental

Kalmar Forklift

During times of economic uncertainty, like the pandemic-fueled one we face now, saving money is often a primary goal for businesses. Preserving cash to weather potential downturns in business is a wise financial move until the economy stabilizes and business picks back up again.

At the same time, businesses that run fleets of construction equipment and forklifts have to face the ongoing realities of their machines' needs. You cannot cut corners on maintenance without suffering long-term repercussions like early replacement or potentially serious accidents. You cannot forego forklift replacement unless you want to violate OSHA regulations and put your forklift operators and other employees at risk.

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