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Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency: From Industrial Racking Systems to Training

Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving

Warehouse efficiency is extremely important for the sake of distributing products in a timely manner and should be a top priority of the warehouse manager. Warehouse efficiency is not only critical in making shipping quick and accurate; it also ensures maximum productivity while incurring minimal costs and significantly cutting the time needed to fulfill orders. With so many moving goods and the constant fluctuations in demand and other changing dynamics, increasing warehouse efficiency is often easier said than done. With that said, it may come as a surprise how many simple adjustments can be made to positively impact your firm’s bottom line. Regardless of the scale of your warehouse operations, anything from reconfiguring your industrial racking systems to properly training your employees can make all the difference in your warehouse’s efficiency levels. Read on as we take a look at small changes you can make in your warehouse to promote more workplace productivity.

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Types and Uses of Order Pickers

Electric Order Picker

One of the most basic tools in a warehouse is the order picker. This type of forklift truck allows employees to quickly pick orders from even the highest shelving in the warehouse. While extremely common, these trucks are not uniform. They come in several different types and with several different features. Understanding your options when it comes to them can help you choose the right tool to maximize your own warehouse's picking productivity.

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