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Darr: Building Fun with the Dallas Cowboys

Football season is right around the corner, and we here at Darr are jumping on the bandwagon and supporting our local professional athletes by partnering with the Dallas Cowboys. Why would a material handling company sponsor a football team?

Well, simply put, because we want to be a part of all that football fun happening in the fall. Don't let our focus on lift trucks fool you: We here at Darr are always up for a good time, and we want to make sure our fellow Texans feel the same way. 

Besides, the truth is that we feel a little bit of an affinity for the Cowboys. We may not be making exciting passes and exhilarating touchdowns, but we here at Darr are not entirely unlike the sports heroes we all know and love. How, you might ask? Here are a few comparisons for you to consider.

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6 Reasons to Buy a Jungheinrich EFG 2 Electric Counterbalanced Forklift

Jungheinrich® is now offering a game-changing guarantee on the 3,000 - 4,000 lb. 48-volt three-wheel counterbalance trucks. These lift trucks are guaranteed to run two full shifts without stopping to charge the battery – for five years. If your forklift doesn’t perform to this standard, we’ll cover the cost of a new battery to ensure it does. Check out this latest post, and learn more about our favorite 6 reasons you should buy a Jungheinrich EFG 2 Electric Counterbalanced Forklift.

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The Latest Trends in New Forklift Technology

Technology continuously transforms our world, usually for the better. New medical technology saves lives. New marketing technology brings in more business. More personal technology makes access to information faster and easier. Fortunately for those in the materials handling industry, new technology means safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly machines.

Even the forklift, that humble workhorse of the warehouse, is being improved by changes in technology. Here are a few of the latest trends that are turning forklifts into ever more valuable tools.

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