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Benefits of a Forklift Maintenance Plan

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One of the most important steps you can take to extend the life and performance of your forklift is to conduct regular forklift maintenance, to keep up with OSHA regulations and the machine's recommended maintenance schedule.

However, keeping up with these tasks can be a lot to take on in addition to the other requirements of running a fleet of equipment. Also, finding experienced professionals to service your machines can be a hassle, and paying for all that maintenance can quickly put a dent in your finances.

This is why many businesses choose preventative forklift maintenance plans, such as those offered by Darr. These plans, which guarantee you the services of experienced technicians in keeping up with required maintenance for your machines, have a number of advantages. Here are just a few.

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Industry Innovations Improve Lift Truck Safety

At Darr, our focus is not only on providing high quality machines to customers, and offering skilled support for customers who need assistance with lift truck repair and maintenance, but also on helping customers and employees enjoy a safer environment for the use of their forklifts. That’s why we love learning about new innovations in the industry that improve quality and safety and take advantage of advances in technology.

Here are some of the recent industry innovations that we find intriguing.

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Buying a Forklift in 2019? Here Are 7 Ways to Plan

A forklift is a significant purchase, whether you’re a growing company looking to invest in this type of machinery for the first time, or an experienced business looking to replace a worn out machine. Since prices vary for each model, and since you will ideally own the truck for many years, you need to ensure that the machine you choose will physically and financially fit your needs for as long as you own it. Take a look at some of the factors to consider if you plan to buy a forklift in 2019.

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