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Forklift Parts to Avoid

CAT Forklifts

When your forklift requires parts replacements, you can extend its life, and save yourself some cash, by buying high quality forklift parts for your machine. Finding the right forklift parts is a combination of knowing what qualities to look for and knowing what red flags to avoid. Here are the biggest clues that the forklift parts you are considering are the wrong ones, and a tip for finding the right forklift parts more easily.

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4 Qualities to Look for in a Forklift Dealer

Even with diligent preventative maintenance of a high quality machine, you will eventually need to buy a forklift. When that time comes, and your machine shows signs of wearing out, you will need to find a reliable dealer from whom to obtain your next forklift. That means doing your research on the dealer before you do your research to buy a forklift. Here are a few qualities to consider in a dealer before you buy a forklift from them.


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