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Improve Forklift Efficiency to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

CAT Forklifts

Consumers are moving more and more of their purchases online, which means that the need for inventory storage is skyrocketing as well. Not only do warehouses need to manage more inventory, they need to manage more types of inventory. More SKUs need to find their place on the warehouse shelving racks, and warehouses need to pick and ship these SKUs quickly.

Warehouses can take many steps to achieve these efficiency goals. One of these strategies is to improve the efficiency of their forklifts. Taking the humble forklift and turning it into a tool in the task to manage inventory well can save warehouses time and money. Here are a few ways to do just that.

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Tips for Organizing Your Warehouse Shelving Racks

Warehouse Racking Systems

Racking systems have the potential to more than double your current storage capacity, if you use them correctly. Savvy planning and the right warehouse shelving racks can create more space, more organization, a safer environment, and increased efficiency.

Creating a more organized system within your storage area could mean starting over from scratch. However, there are many less invasive steps you can take to create more efficient and productive systems within your warehouse Here are a look at some of these steps.

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Forklift Winter Prep: Steps to Take

Truck Lidhult

When you buy a forklift, you make a significant financial investment. They are also the backbone of your company. Without them, you cannot keep your business running, complete your contracts, or move your inventory.

That is why you must keep your forklifts in excellent working condition, all year round. Winter in particular presents challenges for forklift maintenance. When you buy a forklift, you rarely think about your shiny new machine rusting because of snow or its fluids congealing because of the cold. However, those setbacks are a real possibility if you do not take proper care of your machine.

To help you weather winter more successfully with your forklifts, here are some tips for preparing them for the coldest, harshest months of the year.

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