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Featured image for “Six Reasons to Use an Electric Floor Scrubber”

When you want to clean your warehouse floors in the fastest and most efficient way possible, you cannot beat an electric floor scrubber. These corded or battery operated machines come in many varieties.

Featured image for “How to Save Money on Forklift Maintenance”

Forklift maintenance isn’t just important: It is required by OSHA, and with good reason. Forklift maintenance catches problems before they become major accidents at the job site, thereby protecting both your inventory and your workers.

Featured image for “Pallet Racking Height: Factors to Consider”

If your warehouse is like many others, you are trying to fit more inventory into a static space. In the face of increasing warehouse rental rates, moving is not always feasible, while spending millions to build a new warehouse is also often unrealistic for cash-strapped businesses.