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When you want to clean your warehouse floors in the fastest and most efficient way possible, you cannot beat an electric floor scrubber. These corded or battery operated machines come in many varieties. You can select a push version or a ride-on version. You can choose from many different scrubber sizes. You can even choose touchless scrubbers that do not require an operator to work.

An electric floor scrubber can also be a financial investment. As a result, it might be tempting to stick with the old mop and bucket in order to save money on the purchase price of an electric floor scrubber. Doing so, however, means missing out on the many ways that an electric floor scrubber can improve the overall efficiency, safety, and even cost effectiveness of keeping your warehouse floors clean.


An electric floor scrubber uses less water.

Yellow signs declaring “Wet Floor” have long been commonplace in stores, gymnasiums, and warehouses, where slips and falls can lead to serious injury and serious lawsuits. While these signs can reduce accidents and liability, they cannot prevent wet floors from occurring during the cleaning process. An electric floor scrubber, on the other hand, can.

An electric floor scrubber uses less water to lay down soap and draw away dirt and grime. In addition, these machines are much more efficient at sucking up the water they do use. As a result, they leave behind floors that are drier and safer than are floors treated with a traditional mop and bucket. That means that leave behind a smaller chance of slips, falls, accidents, and lawsuits, all while keeping your warehouse floors clean.


An electric floor scrubber gets floors cleaner.

A traditional mop and bucket are notorious for spreading dirt around instead of cleaning it up. Dirty water and mop heads can keep the floor from truly getting clean. In addition, a mop and bucket may simply be unable to effectively remove stubborn spots of grime and dirt build up.

An electric floor scrubber, on the other hand, gets the floor sparkling clean on the first pass. They are often designed to apply cleaning power to even hard to reach places and tough patches of dirt. The result is a generally cleaner floor in your warehouse than you could have achieved with a mop and bucket.


An electric floor scrubber is versatile.

Scrubbers come in many shapes and sizes (and price ranges). You can get large, industrial-strength machines for large spaces with lots of dirt. You can purchase scrubber pads of varying sizes so you get the size that works best for your space. You can find an electric floor scrubber that can reach the corners and crevices that you are having trouble accessing.

Thanks to this versatility, the electric floor scrubber makes it easy to find the right machine to keep your warehouse floors up to your standards of cleanliness. It also allows you to tackle areas of dirt and grime that you may have previously thought were inaccessible.


An electric floor scrubber saves time and energy.

Washing the floor with a mop and bucket is a time consuming and laborious process. Employees have to bend over repeatedly to get the floor clean, which could lead to sore backs and shoulders, while the entire process of cleaning your warehouse floors could take several hours.

An electric floor scrubber, on the other hand, can take up to half the time a mop and bucket do in order to clean the same space. That means your employees can spend more time working on other projects around your warehouse, meaning greater productivity for them and for your warehouse. In addition, an electric floor scrubber is less physically demanding to operate (especially if you select a ride-on version). As a result, your employees will spend less energy, feel less sore, and experience greater productivity and positivity about their jobs.


An electric floor scrubber can save you money.

An electric floor scrubber can cost a fairly significant amount of money up front. However, do not be afraid of the initial cost, because over time, an electric floor scrubber can more than pay for itself. Thanks to their improved efficiency, they may help you to save money on the cost of having employees use more traditional methods of cleaning the floors. That can make the cost of an electric floor scrubber worth it because you pay less money over time by using an electric floor scrubber instead of a mop and bucket.


An electric floor scrubber can clean a variety of floors.

Another advantage of an electric floor scrubber is its ability to clean a variety of floor types. Wood, tile, and laminate can all be cleaned with this machine without being damaged. The scrubber can even achieve a deep clean on each of these surfaces. As a result, you can spend less time and money trying to specially treat each floor type and simply purchase an electric floor scrubber that can handle any of the floor types that you have in your warehouse.

An electric floor scrubber can be a boon to your warehouse. It can allow you to clean the floors more efficiently and effectively while using less water. In addition, it can provide versatility and money saving services that make its purchase price worth it. If you want to buy an electric floor scrubber, do not hesitate to reach out to Darr Equipment. Not only do we offer a variety of machines that can help you to keep a beautiful and clean floor in your warehouse for an affordable price, but we offer product support, and other warehouse solutions to keep your business running smoothly.

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