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Even with diligent preventative maintenance of a high quality
machine, you will eventually need to buy a forklift. When that time comes, and
your machine shows signs of wearing out, you will need to find a reliable
dealer from whom to obtain your next forklift. That means doing your research
on the dealer before you do your research to buy a forklift. Here are a few
qualities to consider in a dealer before you buy a forklift from them.


Buy a forklift from an
experienced dealer.

Experience is often the first quality to look for in any
professional from whom you hope to obtain goods and services. The dealer from
whom you buy a forklift is no exception. The longer they have been selling
forklifts and providing support for these machines, the more likely they are to
serve as a good source for your new forklift.

Experience is an excellent indicator of a company’s abilities
because it demonstrates the fact that they have faced, and can handle, a wide
range of needs and problems. In addition, a business that has managed to
satisfy customer needs for many years is likely committed to providing you with
a high quality experience as well.

Here at Darr, we have more than 60 years of experience
providing high-quality machines to customers who want to buy a forklift. As a
result, we are prepared to handle any forklift need you may have, as well as
offer you the guidance you need to find and buy a forklift that perfectly
matches your needs.


Buy a forklift from a
dealer who offers comprehensive preventative maintenance plans.

When you buy a forklift, you will also eventually need to
maintain and repair that forklift. Tasks such as filter changes, new tire
installations, or fork replacements will be necessary, regardless of whether
you buy used forklifts or new forklifts. As a result, you will want to find a
dealer who will sell you a preventative maintenance plan as well as from
whom you can buy a forklift.

This preventative maintenance plan should include having a
qualified technician come to your business to conduct necessary tasks on
schedule. For example, the dealer from whom you buy a forklift should send a
technician around when filters need to be changed or when you discover a dent
in your forklift forks. By providing you with a maintenance plan, the right
dealer allows you to buy a forklift with the confidence that you will be able
to keep it in good working order over the long term.

Here at Darr, we offer you preventative maintenance plans that
allow you to keep your machine maintained on schedule. Our plans help you avoid
major problems, save you money, and give you peace of mind after you buy a
forklift from us.


Buy a forklift from a
dealer who uses highly qualified technicians.

A preventative maintenance plan is not very useful unless the
people working on your forklift know what they are doing. That is why you
should always buy a forklift from a dealer who uses highly qualified
technicians. For example, technicians should always be trained with the latest
information and regulations regarding forklift maintenance and repairs. In
addition, dealers should use technicians who can work with both electric and
internal combustion machines.

Here at Darr, our technicians are thoroughly trained on every
type of forklift on which they work. In addition, they receive ongoing
education to keep them up to date with the latest changes in regulations and
technology regarding the machines they maintain and repair. As a result, when
you buy a forklift from Darr, you also receive access to skilled professionals
who can keep your machines in top working order.


Buy a forklift from a
dealer who offers a wide range of machines.

There is a forklift for virtually every need and business. From
internal combustion engines to electric forklifts, from 2,000 pound capacity
machines to 10,000 pound capacity machines, from outdoor forklifts to indoor
forklifts, there are a huge variety of features from which to choose when you
buy a forklift.

That is why, when you buy a forklift, you should buy from a
dealer who gives you access to a wide range of machines. From selling multiple
brands to multiple styles and capacities, the dealer should be able to offer
you a forklift that is just right for your specific needs.

Here at Darr, we offer a wide variety of forklifts. When you
buy a forklift from Darr, therefore, you get to choose from a selection
designed to offer as many businesses as possible the right machine for their

Purchasing a forklift can be an exciting investment for your
business. Whether you are replacing a worn out machine or adding to your fleet,
a forklift purchase gives you access to new technology and new possibilities
for your company. You just need to choose the right dealer first.

When you select a dealer who offers you experience,
preventative maintenance plans, highly qualified technicians, and a wide range
of machines, you select a dealer who increases your chances of finding the
right machine.

Here at Darr, we offer you all of those advantages, and more.
With superior maintenance plans, excellent machines, the option of purchasing new or used forklifts, skilled technicians, and other
support services, we give you everything you need to build and maintain a fleet
of machines to help your business thrive. As a result, consider Darr the next
time you need to buy a forklift for your business. 

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