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Traditional counter-balance forklifts are not always the best solution to your warehouse storage needs. Sometimes, you need a more compact and agile tool to maneuver pallets. Pallet jacks offer this solution. Whether electric or manual, they allow you to load and unload pallets in tight spaces that require maximum maneuverability.

One type of pallet jack, the high-lift pallet jack, adds the ability to load and unload from locations traditional pallet jacks cannot. While this tool is not right for all situations, it can be extremely helpful in certain scenarios. Here are the biggest benefits of using this type of pallet jack in your warehouse.


Accessibility to Hard-to-Reach Areas.

A high-lift pallet jack, as its name implies, has greater reach than does a traditional pallet jack. This ability comes in the form of a scissor lift: Criss-crossing metal supports that raise and lower the machine’s platform.

With the scissor lift function, this pallet jack can raise and lower pallets from otherwise inaccessible locations. This ability to access hard-to-reach locations combines with the pallet jack’s naturally compact shape. As a result, you can implement and use vertical storage while maintaining minimal space between aisles.


Reduced Injury Risk.

Repetitive motion, like constant bending and stretching to pick orders or load and unload pallets, can lead to injury in your employees over time. These injuries can lead to greater worker compensation costs, increased downtime, and distress for the employees who suffer these injuries. In addition, the constant bending and stretching can be time-consuming and uncomfortable for employees, leading to reduced productivity and reduced morale.

A pallet jack with high lifting abilities reduces the risk of this type of injury by taking over these bending and stretching activities. Its compact nature makes it capable of handling pallets close to the ground. Its scissor lift capability allows it to reach high places. As a result, you can complete repetitive tasks more quickly and with less risk of injury, which can improve both your employees’ work experience and your bottom line.


Versatile Task Completion

A pallet jack with high lift capabilities, like any tool, cannot be used in every possible application within the warehouse. However, it does have the advantage of being suitable for a wide variety of warehouse tasks that go beyond the capabilities of a traditional pallet jack.

For example, as mentioned above, this tool can access elevated locations in the warehouse for loading or unloading pallets. You may be able to store pallets on additional pallet racking shelves and thereby increase the amount of storage in your warehouse as a result.

This pallet jack’s lifting abilities also make it a useful tool for unloading certain machinery, such as conveyor belts or feed presses. As a result, you enjoy greater efficiency as this tool allows your employees to more quickly and easily complete tasks around the warehouse. Other tasks that this type of pallet jack can complete include certain types of order picking and heavy load handling.


Narrow Space Maneuvering with the High Lift Pallet Jack

In addition, this type of pallet jack is suitable for narrow or tight spaces where a traditional forklift does not fit. Its compact shape allows it to fit in very narrow aisles. At the same time, its vertical scissor lift function allows it to reach high places in your warehouse without taking up additional space in the aisle. Its use of hydraulics also makes it very powerful despite its small size. As a result, it provides narrow space maneuverability without compromising on power and function. These applications make it a versatile tool and a smart investment for many warehouses. It can load and unload large or multiple pallets, access elevated spaces, obtain merchandise from close to the ground, and more, all within a small space.


Cost Effectiveness

Pallet jacks in general are much less expensive than are traditional counter-balance forklifts. The reason for their low costs is the fact that they are smaller, easier to operate, and easier to maintain than are their larger counterparts.

The high-lift pallet jack in particular, however, can save your warehouse money. How? Because it possesses all the cost-saving features of the traditional pallet jack while adding functionality and versatility, as described above.

As a result, you can pay a lower price for this type of pallet jack than for a counter-balance forklift and get more use out of it than you would with a traditional pallet jack. For example, instead of purchasing a reach truck for high places and a traditional forklift for other jobs, you may be able to use this type of pallet jack for both applications. As a result, you enjoy a cost-effective solution that replaces both lift trucks for less money than either one would have cost.

A high-lift pallet jack offers warehouses a versatile tool for managing pallets and storage. Thanks to its compact shape, lower costs, and low maintenance requirements, the pallet jack is a smart investment for many warehouses. Adding a scissor lift capability allows this tool to take the place of some traditional forklifts and reach trucks, at a much lower price. Other advantages, such as accessibility to hard-to-reach places, reduced injury risk, versatile task completion, and narrow space maneuvering also make these desirable warehouse tools.

Whenever you need any warehouse management solutions or tools, do not hesitate to reach out to Darr. We offer trained technicians, industry expertise, reliable new and used forklifts, and more to ensure that you get the equipment you need.

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