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Football season is right around the corner, and we here at
Darr are jumping on the bandwagon and supporting our local professional
athletes by partnering with the Dallas
Cowboys. Why would a material handling
company sponsor a football team?

Well, simply put, because we want to be a part of all that
football fun happening in the fall. Don’t let our focus on lift trucks fool
you: We here at Darr are always up for a good time, and we want to make sure
our fellow Texans feel the same way. 

Besides, the truth is that we feel a little bit of an affinity
for the Cowboys. We may not be making exciting passes and exhilarating
touchdowns, but we here at Darr are not entirely unlike the sports heroes we
all know and love. How, you might ask? Here are a few comparisons for you to


We are committed to
building fun into our community.

A cold beer, a warm seat, and a close up view of a great
football game: There aren’t many better ways of spending a few hours of
downtime. Add in some great plays and a few incredible wins, and the football
season offers fans the opportunity for a really good time. And we can thank the
Dallas Cowboys for bringing us the opportunity to enjoy that kind of an
afternoon or evening multiple times a year.

At Darr, we want to make sure that our community gets to enjoy
those kinds of memorable events day after day and year after year. That is why
we take the time to “build” fun into our community by sponsoring
events and activities that the people around us will really enjoy.

For example, we are partnering with  the Cowboys because we think those beautiful
warm evenings in the stands are invaluable. We are also sponsoring the Houston
Livestock Show and Rodeo because we want to encourage that cowboy spirit that
brings enjoyment to so many in our community. 
And we are always on the lookout for things that we can contribute to
that support our community and the fun it has on a regular basis.


Just like the Cowboys,
to know us is to love us.

Who doesn’t love the Cowboys ? If you think about it, to know
the Cowboys is to love them. To live in Dallas is to root for their success
year after year.

Now we may not compete on a national stage or have the
athletic prowess of the legendary Roger Staubach. But we are still willing to
bet that if you get to know us, you will love us. What’s to love, you might
wonder? Not our passing ability, that’s for sure. We’ll leave that to the pros.

Instead, we earn the loyalty and respect of our customers
because of our professional, personalized services. We don’t just care about
making the biggest sale possible. We are instead concerned about making sure
all of our customers come away with the machinery that they need to allow their
business and their project to thrive.

So, to know us is to love us, our honesty, integrity, and
quality. Whether offering comprehensive forklift maintenance plans, renting
out reliable equipment, or selling new or used forklifts and other machinery, we
are providing an environment and a business model that simply can’t be beat.


We have the best people
backing us up.

The Dallas Cowboys cannot thrive as a team without the support
of their fans. And we all know that Dallas makes the best fans. From coming to
games to painting their bodies (or houses) in the classic blue, silver and
white, to showing up even when the team is struggling a bit, Dallas fans back
up the Cowboys and spur them on toward victory.

And here at Darr, we have the best people backing us up as
well. Our technicians, for example, undergo extensive factory training so they
are equipped to handle any situation that may arise. They are the secret behind
the exceptional maintenance plans we can offer our customers.
In addition, our partners provide us with high quality machinery that allows us
to pass that quality on to our customers.

And of course we have our customers to thank for their faithful support of our
business. From small business owners just purchasing their first machines to
big companies managing a fleet, our customers put their trust in us. And that
kind of support is the true secret to our ongoing success.


We score success with
teamwork and dedication to quality.

You wouldn’t think much of a sports team that started arguing
halfway through the game, would you? How about athletes who refused to show up
for practice and showed no interest in improving their game?

Lucky for us, the Dallas Cowboys are committed to teamwork and
quality. And that commitment pays off with exciting wins and a fun game every
time they step out on the field. And that same commitment to teamwork and
quality defines us here at Darr.

Don’t believe us? Look at our products, warranties, and maintenance plans. With
the highest quality and the best teamwork, we put together a business that
actively meets your needs and succeeds at its goals, year after year.

We are excited about partnering with the Cowboys this year. We
hope to play a small role in the joy the team brings to Dallas this fall. And
perhaps even more importantly, we hope to continue adopting the Cowboys’ commitment,
quality support, lovable attitude, and contribution to fun as we provide
services that build our community up. 

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