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With large, heavy equipment comes great responsibility. Darr Equipment Co knows the importance of “safety first,” and that is why we offer OSHA required forklift operator training.

We are proud to support this year’s NFSD (National Forklift Safety Day) and encourage everyone to participate. “National Forklift Safety Day serves as an opportunity for forklift manufacturers and the industry to highlight the safe use of forklifts, the value of operator training, and the need for daily equipment checks.” The esteemed guest list includes speakers from the Industrial Trucking Association and many other industry leaders in material handling manufacturing and warehouse solutions.


According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, nearly 100 workers are killed and another 20,000 are seriously injured in forklift-related incidents annually. These alarming numbers mean that one of every ten forklifts in the U.S. will be involved in an accident every year. OSHA reports that 25% of forklift accidents are due to inadequate operator training.

The four main causes of forklift accidents:

Hitting or running over a pedestrian

20 percent of forklift accidents involve a pedestrian. Proper training for all operators and pedestrians, along with other safety solutions can dramatically lower these numbers. Darr’s commitment to safety training includes learning about proper safety measures to keep everyone safe on the work floor.

Knocking off a pallet or damaging racking

Moving and placing pallets can be tricky and knowing how to properly operate your forklift will help prevent expensive damages.

Forklift overturns – tipovers and rollovers

These are the leading cause of forklift fatalities. Overturns can be caused by:

  • Improper turning
  • Driving with an elevated load 

The safety experts at Darr can train operators to understand how to properly drive and maneuver a forklift. Tilting and forklift instability sometimes causes the rear wheels to lift and the load to spill forward. Training helps reduce the risk of a tipover or rollover that could result in operator injury or death. 

Excessive speed

High speed and heavy equipment don’t mix. Driving too fast in a warehouse reduces an operator’s reaction time to safely stop, which can increase the risk of rolling over when making a turn at high speed. 5 mph is considered a safe maximum speed. 

Types of Accidents

  • Forklift overturns
  • Workers struck on the foot
  • People crushed by forklift
  • Falls from forklift

The statistics on these forklift accidents are alarming, but with the proper forklift training, up-to-date certifications and daily checklists, these numbers can be drastically reduced.

A recent study by OSHA found that training greatly improved operator performance by sixty one percent. 

OSHA regulations state that companies using powered industrial trucks are required to provide their operators with classroom instruction and hands-on training by a trained, knowledgeable and experienced instructor in the environment in which they work.

Darr Equipment Co wants to help you and your facility operate at the safest level possible. Our unending promise to protect all operators and uphold all industry standards is still our number one priority. We strive to be dependable and honest with all of our clients and provide innovative equipment with professional staff to train with their specialized knowledge in correct equipment operation and applicable OSHA industry standards and regulations. 

Trust the authority on forklift equipment and turn to the experts at Darr Equipment Co. With nearly 70 years in the industry and “best-in-class” equipment and services, Darr Equipment Co proudly serves Texas and Oklahoma with unsurpassed customer service, highly trained maintenance teams and top of the line equipment offerings.

Not only do we want to meet your specific goals with our customized solutions, we also want to help you do that as safely as possible. Operating heavy machinery is no joke and at Darr Equipment Co your safety is our number one priority. After we help you purchase the proper warehouse equipment for your specific needs, we will train you on how to use our equipment at your location or ours, with our safety training programs

At Darr Equipment, our goal is to see our equipment used safely and properly at your location. Our training programs are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and awareness of correct equipment operation, and applicable OSHA regulations and industry standards. Darr is happy to provide the following training either at your facility or at our location:

  • OSHA Required Operator Training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Service and Technical Training

This year’s National Forklift Safety Day is June 8th. Darr Equipment encourages you to learn more about forklift safety and contact one of our experts for a FREE forklift safety consultation.

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