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Here at Darr Equipment, we believe in providing the highest level of service to our customers and creating a culture that helps employees (and really anyone we work with) feel like they are part of a family. Part of creating that culture is a commitment to hiring veterans. 


Why do we have this commitment? We’ve found that those who have served in the US Armed Forces consistently demonstrate qualities focused on teamwork, accountability, servant leadership, and an innate understanding of the golden rule, treat other the way that we like to be treated.

When I left the military, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. As a graduate of West Point and a serviceman with many years of experience, I knew I could find a fit. However, transitioning from the military to the civilian life can be tough. Suddenly, you have many choices in front of you. That experience along with our constant search for future team members with the kind of qualities that matched ours, the idea of hiring veterans came to fruition. 

We began searching for partners and found the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program (CFP). This is an innovative, nationwide program of the U.S. Chamber Foundation that provides military service members with professional training and hands-on experience in the civilian workforce. 

It was a great fit for us because we were able to bring in high-quality Fellows who could try out a little bit of everything Darr Equipment has to offer as a job role while also meeting our desire to help and mentor veterans find the best placement for them after their time in the service.

“It’s never easy to make a major life transition, and that is certainly true for changing jobs.  However, changing jobs as a civilian is one thing.  Transitioning out of the military and into an incredibly complex civilian sector is an entirely different kind of test unto itself,” says Eric Eversole, VP, US Chamber of Commerce and President, Hiring our Heroes. “We are grateful to all of the organizations who are helping us make a positive impact over the last several years in the lives of transitioning service members and military spouses.”

Our partnership with Hiring Our Heroes is centered around that commitment to hire veterans, helping to transition service members and military spouses to civilian life. As I write this, we’ve just sent out another offer of employment to one of our summer fellows and another veteran who joined us is coming up on his one year anniversary. We are proud to call Hiring Our Heroes our partner and even prouder of the many Darr Equipment team members who have served our country.

We continue to be grateful and excited to work alongside these heroes because they already have many of the traits we value as a company. And we’re always looking for more folks like them.

As a part of Darr Equipment, we have exciting positions for exciting people. We’re always looking for people with the following skillsets and interests to join our team:

Customer Service Management
Field Technicians

By supporting Hiring our Heroes, we stand behind the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s commitment to finding meaningful employment for veterans. Together, we’re committed to hiring heroes like you!

Ready to join us on our mission?

 –this post was writing by Jack Camiolo, CFO, Darr Equipment

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