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Reorganizing your warehouse can be a huge undertaking. It can create periods of downtime that can sink productivity and profits. This is why it is so important to invest in durable products that have the stamina to withstand your day-to-day operations and the versatility to grow with you. One of those products falls under the category of heavy duty industrial shelving. More specifically, steel industrial shelving has many benefits associated with it. Read on as we delve into the advantages of using steel shelving solutions in your warehouse.



Steel shelving can come in many different styles, weight capacities, heights, colors, and more. In addition, more so than other types of shelving, steel industrial shelving can be accessorized and customized to fit any space. From dividers to drawer inserts, shelving can be inserted in virtually any direction with whatever accessories you might need.

Adjustable Setup

Compression clips allow shelves to be adjusted within a half to one and a half inch increments. This gives your heavy duty industrial shelving unit the flexibility required to create the most productive design to fit your warehouse’s inventory.

Easy to Assemble

If your vendor does not assemble your shelving unit for you, do not worry. Industrial steel shelving can be put together using only a rivet – amazing! There are even easier options out there, too; if you ordered boltless rivet shelving, simply attach support rivets to upright posts and you instantly have a working shelving unit. Many times, assembly can be done without the use of hardware at all. This is especially helpful when you need additional shelving quickly.


Industrial steel shelving is reinforced with a scratchproof paint coating and has upright posts made of gaged steel to secure your shelf supports. This means that the shelving unit can bear forklift impacts, heavy loads, and other sources of wear and tear. Additionally, industrial steel shelving can withstand extreme temperatures. If the shelving is finished properly, it will ward off the effects of corrosion and oxidation too.


For unusually large or heavy loads, steel shelving units can be fortified with center supports to make certain that it can hold the weight. Say goodbye to that uneasy feeling of having an imminent safety hazard! Cross bracing and center supports can be added as well, making this a great option for both oversized and delicate items.

Storing Delicate Items

It is a bad idea to store delicate items in a bin or on the floor with a bunch of other products, as they may get crushed or damaged. Even if the items are not damaged during one single event, you can almost bet that they will become damaged over time. Therefore, you should use steel shelving to store those delicate products with proper spacing to prevent them from breaking.


Industrial steel shelving is dependable in that it offers some of the strongest storage available while also being some of the most affordable long-term solutions on the market. Do not be fooled by significantly lower costs, though; you are still getting what you pay for, so be sure to check the shelving’s quality in regards to the finish, weight capacity, and other important features.

Product Visibility

Having shelving units with easily located inventory items can help to increase warehouse efficiency. This can be done by placing products in a more accessible, easy-to-retrieve spot. Having this open shelving displaying your items also helps your warehouse staff to readily identify any dented boxes, misplaced products, and other damaged goods.

Increased Space

One of the greatest benefits of steel shelving is that it helps you to make the most out of your warehouse space. Without shelving, you would not be able to utilize upward space, only floorspace. It is important to note that you should always mind the weight-bearing instructions and not to overload the shelving unit.

Here at Darr Equipment, we offer warehouse solutions that can transform your space into a well-organized dream. Our solutions take care of anything from fully customized warehouse layout and design to picking the right heavy duty industrial shelving racks to setting up and installing the shelving. We even double check to ensure that your solution meets all codes and regulations. Whether you are setting up a brand new warehouse, modifying an older one, or just needing a few updates to create a more efficient space, we have got you covered. Contact us today to learn more.

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