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Spring has sprung, the wildflowers have bloomed, and the summertime heat is just around the bend, which means it’s time to start preparing your material handling equipment and operations to be able to handle the summer time heat.


Forklifts are a big investment and steps are warranted to protect them from undue damage. Employers and managers also have a responsibly to protect employees and equipment from the harsh summertime heat. Here are a few tips to keep your people and material handling equipment in good shape during this year’s summer season.

Chances are you’ve heard of or even possibly have experienced a heat stroke or heat exhaustion due to prolonged exposure to the summertime sun and high temperatures. Make sure to keep your staff well hydrated and where air condition is not to be had utilize fans to ensure a cooler working environment.

Summertime Guide to Prepare Your Forklift to Beat the Heat

It’s always smart to stay on schedule with routine maintenance or planned maintenance for every piece of equipment in your fleet. And summertime to not the season to take a break on inspections and maintenance.

To avoid overheating this summer, make sure to have your material handling equipment’s cooling systems inspected. Make sure that your equipment’s coolant fluid levels are at the correct level. Replace coolant liquids at the manufacturers recommended intervals. Check radiators for any damage or leaks. And check all coolant system hoses for cracks or deterioration.

Remember to Check for Common Summertime Forklift Breakdowns:

  • Radiator Coolant Inspections/Replacement
  • Radiator Cap Inspections/Replacement
  • Radiator Hose Inspections/Replacement
  • Thermostat Inspections/Replacement
  • Fan Belt Inspections/Replacement
  • Radiator & Water Pump Inspections/Replacement

Don’t Forget About Electrics

Internal combustion engines are not the only equipment that need attention to prepare for the summer. Electric forklifts and electric powered equipment can accumulate excess corrosion and low fluid levels. The decreased fluid levels can lessen the lifecycle of the equipment. Inspection of the correct PH and water level of battery cells is recommended.

Equipment Tires and Summer Heat

The increased temperatures seen during summertime can cause rubber tires to quickly deteriorate. Be sure to keep an eye out for tire cracking and remember to check your pneumatic tires are inflated to their proper PSI to prevent any blowouts. Increased summer temperatures will raise the air pressure inside your pneumatic tires so it’s likely you’ll need to let some air out during the summer season.

No matter the season it’s always good practice to have your material handling equipment inspected and serviced on a planned maintenance program by a trained professional. Routine forklift maintenance helps you save on lifespan operating costs of equipment while also helping to avoid untimely breakdowns.

Contact a Darr Equipment Co expert today to get your equipment inspected and ready to beat the summer heat!

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