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When done right, optimizing your warehouse shelving can increase your storage space and improve productivity. There are many options when it comes to purchasing, installing, and maintaining your pallet racking. Unfortunately, with this seemingly endless number of options comes more room for error. Keep reading as we discuss seven of the most commonly made storage mistakes, from choosing a bad layout from the get-go to engaging in poor used pallet racking practices and more.


1. Picking the Wrong Design

There is a whole slew of pallet racking and alternative storage options available to suit various warehousing needs. For example, if your existing space is short on square footage you could opt for very narrow aisle (VNA) pallet racking, which would allow you to store more products in your warehouse. If you need to accommodate exceptionally heavy or oddly shaped loads, however, a cantilever racking system may be a better choice. If you can’t find a readymade system that fits your business’s unique needs, don’t fret. The perfect pallet racking system for your warehouse always exists at Darr Equipment, as we offer fully customized layout and design solutions.

2. Forgetting About the Future

When buying a racking system, it’s crucial that you consider how you might expand in the future. Purchasing only what you need right now could result in you having to buy a brand-new system five years down the road. With accurate planning, you will not need to pay for temporary storage (which can be both expensive and lead to limited efficiency) to meet your storage needs in the future. Your racking should be considered a long-term investment that is designed to grow alongside your business.

3. Not Considering Your Equipment

Purchasing new shelving doesn’t always mean you are buying new equipment. Therefore, you should never forget to take your current material handling machines into account when purchasing your racking system. Failing to consider your existing equipment can put you in a position where you might have to replace your entire fleet – yikes. With that said, some types of racking do require specialty machines (such as VNA pallet racks). Always ensure that you’ve done enough research before you buy your shelving to avoid surprise costs for extra machinery.

4. Assuming Used Pallet Racking is Good as New

Oftentimes, used pallet racking systems do not offer the same quality that you would expect with a new racking system. While used racking does have its perks (i.e., they’re inexpensive and better for the environment), it also has its downfalls. Compromised used pallet racks could result in damage to your goods or equipment and can even create a hazardous environment for your employees. Used racking should only be purchased from a reputable industrial equipment dealer in tip-top condition.

5. Ignoring Damage

Damage to pallet racking is usually more than just cosmetic; it can actually compromise the structural integrity of your whole shelving system. Therefore, it is critical that all damages are promptly reported and addressed (by either further inspection or scheduling a repair) to avoid unwanted accidents related to a faulty racking system. Besides having a protocol in place for reporting pallet rack damage, you should also conduct regular inspections of your shelving to check for anything that might have gone unnoticed beforehand.

6. Overloading Your Shelving

Overloading your pallet racking can cause irreparable damage to your entire system. To make sure that you’re not putting too much weight on your racking, make all of your employees aware of the system’s load capacity. You can do this by clearly labeling each shelf with its weight limit as defined by the original manufacturer and a structural engineer.

7. Installing the Racking Yourself

Think you can do it yourself? Don’t. The reality is that you need to be qualified and properly licensed in order to move and install any pallet racking. Luckily, forklift service providers like Darr Equipment can help you coordinate your shelving installation so that you can get it done the right way the first time – all while staying on schedule and on budget.

Do you need help designing, installing, or maintaining your warehouse storage racks? We can help. Here at Darr Equipment, we offer endless custom solutions to help you conquer even the toughest of warehouse challenges so that you can achieve a safer, more productive, and more efficient warehouse. Contact us today to learn more.

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