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The decision to buy a forklift can be a pricey one, and isn’t
always necessary, depending upon whether or not you can simply replace or
repair parts. However, there are certain indications that your machine’s useful
life is coming to an end. Here are a few signs that it is time to buy a


Buy a forklift when
maintenance costs begin to increase.

A comprehensive maintenance plan for your
forklift is an important way to extend its lifespan. Keeping your forklift
well-maintained and keeping up with regular tasks, like oil changes and
inspections, can prevent major breakdowns that might force you to buy a
forklift early.

However, as a forklift ages, maintenance may begin to cost more
than it is worth. For example, you may find that an oil leak requires frequent
oil changes, which also means more frequent downtime for your machine and more
frequent expenses. More and more small things may go wrong with your machine.
Eventually, you may find that your forklift is nickeling and diming you to
death, digging a hole in your financial pocket that is not worth the continued
use you are getting from the machine.

While the point at which the cost of buying a forklift is worth
the maintenance savings is subjective, it is an important consideration as your
forklift ages. When you feel as if the maintenance is no longer financially
worth it, it may be time to buy a new forklift for your fleet.


Buy a forklift when the
machine reaches its maximum useful hours.

Most forklifts have a certain useful lifespan. While they may
last a little longer than the maximum lifespan, you can usually depend on
needing to replace your machine after it has been used for anywhere from 10,000
to 20,000 hours. These hours typically translate into 5-7 years, if a forklift
is heavily used.

While the number of hours you place on a forklift is not the
only determining factor in whether to buy a forklift, it should play a role in
determining when to retire your current machine in favor of a new one. For
example, if your machine has run for 12,000 hours, you may want to keep an eye
out for a good deal on a new or used forklift. Chances are, you will need it

When a forklift’s hours are reaching the upper limit of its
lifespan and you notice an uptick in maintenance or repair costs, then you
definitely need to buy a forklift. Those increased maintenance and repair costs
are red flags showing you that your aging forklift is about at the end of its


Buy a forklift when
faced with multiple worn out parts.

Typically, when a forklift part breaks, you replace it. For
example, you may replace tires, forklift forks, masts, or other pieces of the
machine as they wear out. However, occasionally, especially as a forklift ages,
you may find that several parts wear out and require replacement at the same

When faced with multiple worn out parts at once, or in quick
succession, you may want to buy a forklift rather than replace the parts.
Financially, the purchase price of a reliable machine with low maintenance and
parts repair costs may outweigh the expense of replacing multiple parts. This
may be especially true if your forklift is aging and you anticipate getting
limited use out of it in the future.


Buy a forklift when it
experiences major part failures.

Many forklift parts are easily replaceable. From tires to
masts, these parts present reasonable replacement costs that make them more
economical to repair than to buy a forklift. Hiring a reliable technician to
maintain and update your forklift can save you significant money over replacing
your machine every time something goes wrong.

However, there are certain breakdowns that should leave you
considering the replacement of the entire machine, rather than the replacement
of the broken part. In particular, you will need to consider replacement of the
machine when your engine or your transmission breaks down.

The engine and the transmission both have similar expected lifespans. This
means that they will often break down in close proximity to one another. Since
both replacements can be quite pricey, facing two of them in a short period of
time is not usually financially feasible.

Even if only one part breaks down, you are likely going to face
a hefty repair bill, for a forklift that is already coming to the end of its
useful life. In order to preserve your finances while maximizing your machine’s
productivity, you may need to buy a forklift rather than simply replacing the
broken part.

The decision about when to buy a forklift will depend upon a
number of factors. For example, you will need to balance the expected lifespan
of your machine with its overall performance. It may be wiser to replace a
machine nearing the end of its expected lifespan and experiencing multiple
issues than to continue paying to repair those issues. Other reasons to buy a
forklift rather than repair it might include when you face the breakdown of
multiple parts, or when your machine experiences major part failures, such as
those of the engine or transmission.

When you need to buy a forklift, you need a reputable dealer.
Here at Darr, we have a wide selection of machines designed to meet a wide
range of customer needs. Do not hesitate to reach out for assistance with
purchasing a machine that will complement your fleet within your available

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