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Because products must remain in good condition while they are being stored, proper shelving is an essential part of any warehouse space. However, many business owners can agree that picking the right shelving system for their warehouse is one of the most challenging tasks to perform. Fortunately, there are warehouse solution services that exist with the sole purpose of guiding you through the shelving selection and installation processes. This, coupled with the benefits below, makes installing heavy duty industrial shelving less intimidating.


Better Quality

Many people are of the opinion that the material of industrial shelving is irrelevant, as they assume that any material will support the weight of your products equally. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Plastic or wooden industrial shelving is usually of low quality and can support a lot less weight than their heavy duty metal counterparts. Heavy duty industrial shelving is essential in properly supporting your goods without damaging them.

Space Optimization

When you use industrial shelving, you are better able to manage the floor space that you have. As your company grows, the number of products that you have to store only increases. This leaves you with two options: adding space by moving to another premise or adding space by better utilizing your current warehouse through a more optimal shelving layout. The former can prove to be quite expensive, so for warehouse managers that are trying to stick to a budget, the latter is a fantastic option. Besides simply making better use of your existing floor space, you can also use heavy duty industrial shelving that takes advantage of your vertical space. Taller racking systems can help you to utilize space that is otherwise wasted.

Increased Productivity

Surprisingly, installing quality shelving racks can have a huge impact on your employees’ productivity. Industrial shelving can improve organization in your warehouse, which means that your employees will spend less time searching for a specific item. With heavy duty industrial shelving, your workers can locate your products more quickly, which makes all of your warehouses processes more efficient, saving you time and money in the long run.

Key Features to Consider

As previously mentioned, when evaluating all of the industrial shelving that is available for purchase, making the right decision can be difficult. Some of the most important factors to consider when picking which shelving system to use can be determined by the following:

Material: As stated before, you can find shelving in wide variety of materials. However, experts recommend that you use chrome or metal shelving in warehouse environments.

Durability: The material that your shelving is made of can determine the durability of your racking system. With that said, warehouse managers should still perform regular inspections on their shelving units to ensure that they are in good condition so that they do not pose any safety hazards.

Measurements: When it comes to finding the best shelving unit for your warehouse, knowing what will actually fit can help you to narrow down your choices. Opting for a shelving system that makes the best use of the space you have can make a world of difference.

If you are in the market for any kind of industrial shelving, reach out to Darr Equipment today. We can formulate warehouse solutions that best fit your business’s needs. Let us help you show your warehouse a little shelf love by contacting us today.

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