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When you run a warehouse that depends upon the safe and
efficient storage of numerous heavy pallets, you need heavy duty industrial
shelving. The right pallet racking system, with the right shelving, will form
the backbone of your storage capabilities.

While pallet racking systems are designed to safely handle
heavy loads, you still need to treat them with care. Neglect, overloading, and
other mistakes can compromise even the best heavy duty industrial shelving. To
maintain safety in your warehouse, here are a few tips for safely using your
heavy duty industrial shelving.


Avoid overloading heavy
duty industrial shelving.

Typically, heavy duty industrial shelving will come with weight
limits. When using this shelving, it is important to observe these limits.
Heavy duty industrial shelving will hold large loads without buckling. However,
even the strongest shelving will give way if chronically overloaded. If you
need further storage capacity, it is better to invest in additional storage
than to exceed the weight limits on your current shelving.

If you are not sure what the weight limits are for your
shelving, you can always check with the manufacturer or the dealer from whom
you bought the shelving. The best approach, however, is to be sure you know the
weight limits before you make your purchase. Only buy shelving that can handle
the loads you anticipate handling. If you need assistance finding shelving that
can handle your needs, or figuring out how to organize your warehouse in order
to avoid overloading, a business like Darr can help.


Secure your heavy duty
industrial shelving.

Your heavy duty industrial shelving will be holding some big
loads. In addition, it may suffer abuse from the loading and unloading process.
For example, it may occasionally be hit by forklifts trying to get loads on and
off the pallet
racking system
. If your shelving topples, you could find yourself dealing
with a serious accident that endangers the lives of your employees.

Avoid these potential problems by securing your heavy duty
industrial shelving when you install it. For example, invest in heavy duty
industrial shelving that is designed for stability. In addition, consider
securing your shelving to the wall with brackets to guarantee that it will not
fall down.

If you want to further ensure the stability of your heavy duty
industrial shelving, consider adding guards to it. These guards act like
bumpers, absorbing the impact from accidental collisions with forklifts. As a
result, they help to prevent potentially serious accidents.


Inspect your heavy duty
industrial shelving regularly.

As with any element of your warehouse, heavy duty industrial
shelving will wear out over time. Even the best systems will eventually succumb
to the constant pressure of heavy loads, and the material from which it is made
will eventually give out. If you want to prevent potentially catastrophic
failures, you should arrange for the regular inspection of your heavy duty
industrial shelving.

These inspections should include looking for signs of wear and
tear. For example, keep an eye out for rust or buckling. Also look for damage
from accidents like a forklift bumping into the shelving unit. Other things to
look for include uneven shelves, dents, incorrect installation, and any other
signs that all is not right with your heavy duty industrial shelving.

Typically, these inspections are best carried out by an
inspector rather than by yourself or by employees. However, you and your
employees should also be aware of the signs of potential problems and should
report any indications of trouble as soon as you see them.


Maintain clear aisles
around your heavy duty industrial shelving.

Accidents from forklifts can damage or even topple your heavy
duty industrial shelving. To prevent such accidents, you should make every
effort to maintain clear aisles around the pallet racking system. For example,
when first setting up the shelving, ensure that there is enough room in the
aisles for the forklifts to move comfortably and safely.

In addition, keep the aisles clear of clutter that could create
chaos around your shelving. Sufficient lighting, guards around the shelving,
and training your employees in basic forklift safety can all also contribute to
safety around your heavy duty industrial shelving.


Properly position loads
on your heavy duty industrial shelving.

The way in which loads sit on your shelving can be just as
important as having shelving that is strong enough to handle the pallets. Loads
that are stacked too high are more likely to fall. In addition, loads that are
placed off-center can also endanger the stability of your heavy duty industrial
shelving. To avoid these problems, make sure that every pallet is carefully
placed squarely on the shelving, and that loads are not stacked too high.


Train your employees on
how to use heavy duty industrial shelving.

Every employee who works around your heavy duty industrial
shelving should follow basic safety precautions. Those who use forklifts to
load and unload on these shelves should also know how to use the forklift and
how to properly load and unload the pallets. Sufficient training can help to
prevent costly and dangerous accidents.


Promptly repair or
replace defective heavy duty industrial shelving.

When your inspections reveal problems with your heavy duty
industrial shelving, prompt replacement or repair is critical. Immediately
remove the pallets from the shelving and hire a qualified technician to repair
or replace the damaged parts. Doing so can prevent major problems from cropping
up in the future.

Heavy duty industrial shelving will play a key role in your
warehouse. Ensure that it works for you by following basic safety precautions.
When your shelving is installed correctly, loaded properly, inspected
regularly, and kept clear of forklifts, you can enjoy all of the benefits of
heavy duty industrial shelving without the downsides. Here at Darr, you can
also access this equipment for a reasonable price, as well as enjoy access to trained technicians who can help you maintain
these shelves for the long-term.

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