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Veterans Day is a special day to honor veterans of all wars. At Darr Equipment we would like to thank our American veterans who have served and are proud of those veterans that have come to the Darr family of businesses post their military careers. It is truly a honor and a privilege to have you as part of our team. As part of our tribute this Veterans Day, we have decided to spotlight one of our own veterans, Kenneth McFadden, Dallas Operations Manager, Darr Equipment Company. Here is a little from our interview:

What branch of the military did you serve?

I served in the United States Marine Corps. Second generation Marine, as my father served before me.

How many years did you serve and what your last assignment?

My career included 27.5 years of active duty service. My last assignment was Marine Corps Air Station Yuma’s Base Aircraft Maintenance Chief. This assignment included three F-35 squadrons, three AV8 Harrier Squadrons, one Search and Rescue unit and one Intermediate repair unit.

What is your current position/title at Darr?

At Darr I support the role as the Dallas Operations Manager, supporting parts, service and rental daily operations.

What attracted you to the “Hiring Our Hero’s” program at Darr?

The Hiring Our Hero’s program is a great transition opportunity for highly qualified military personnel and their families. It helps reduce the stress related with finding a new career that supports your military service. Darr Equipment fosters a strong military presence in the DFW area and is recognized for mission statement objective to be the most dependable material handling company, while providing innovative ideas for the industry. Darr’s professional attitude, which is a pillar of the Robert Engstrom’s personality, was very attractive in my selection of a company where I could contribute and make a lasting impact. And finally, the company’s honest behavior with their customers and employees, relates back to serving as a service member in our community. It has been a great transition and even better when you find an organization that has similar values that you have enjoyed as a service member.

What do you like best about working at Darr?

At Darr there is an emphasis on team and camaraderie that makes coming to work every day interesting and rewarding. Extending a helping hand and seeing the results is an amazing sight.

Describe the funniest day you ever had working at Darr.

During the holidays Darr gets together and celebrates the holidays and reward team members who have been with the company an extended time. I personally love hearing the stories of employees who have been with Darr for decades because paints a picture of stability and family culture.

Do you suggest other Veterans consider the “Hiring Our Hero’s? Why?

As a Hiring our Heroes alumnus and someone who is still involved with the program, I encourage others to apply for the program. This is the perfect opportunity for one to find a company that fits what you support individually. The program gives the service member much needed experience in the corporate world, with little risk involved. And to be honest I love my country and will help all those who have supported and defended the civil liberties.

How did you end up here?

When I retired from the military, my wife Joyce and I bought a house in Mansfield Texas. We visited once and said the Metroplex is where we want to spend our latter years. My son Kenny is in San Antonio, and my daughter Jayda is a student at Sam Houston State. I personally am originally from Rochester, New York, but I call all of the United States home.

Anything else you would like to add?

As a military Veteran I am proud of my service and have been given the opportunity to continue to serve at Darr during challenging times. I would encourage service members to look to Darr as home away from service as they transition and look to enter e new career. I am humble to represent all the service members from Darr Equipment and the Metroplex area. It is extremely an honor to be recognized during this Veterans Day and I appreciate what Darr Equipment does and will do.

About Hiring Our Hero’s

Hiring Our Hero’s is a program offered by Darr Equipment Company through one its’ major brand manufacturers. In July 2012, Caterpillar joined forces with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and formed a nationwide initiative to tap the underutilized resource of veterans for job opportunities. Darr has a long-established history of working with veterans by providing professional training and experience to build a career path as well as develop personal growth while transiting to civilian life.

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