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There are many reasons to choose used forklifts for your business. Despite having been previously put to service, the right ones make reliable and inexpensive additions to your fleet. You can save up to 50 percent on the purchase price of a new machine simply by buying used. These cost savings can translate into serious cash, and often make it possible for businesses to add to their fleet when they would have had to rent or go without otherwise.

One of the secrets to making sure those cost savings do not get eaten up by pricey repairs, however, is to buy a machine that comes with a warranty. Not just the purview of new machines, warranties for used equipment are both obtainable and necessary. Read on to learn more about what to expect from them.


Choose a dealer who offers warranties on used machines.

Purchasing from individual or unproven sellers will often leave you without a warranty. That means that if you purchase a lemon or you experience an unanticipated breakdown, you will have to deal with the repairs on your own. That can get costly. As a result, one reason to go through a reputable dealer like Darr Equipment for your equipment needs is because we will offer you warranties on most of our used equipment.


You will pay more for warrantied machines: And that is OK.

Often, businesses choose used forklifts because of the significant cost savings they represent. That means paying extra for machines that come with warranties often does not appeal. The reality is that you will pay more for equipment that comes with a warranty. However, this added expense can actually benefit you in the long run.

For example, a single major breakdown that is covered by a warranty can more than make up any extra expense you spend on the warranty. If you have to pay for the repair out of pocket, you may end up paying more for your forklift over time than if you had paid for the warranty upfront. The extra cost of a warrantied machine is almost always well worth it.


You can choose from different warranties.

One of the benefits of purchasing used equipment from a reliable dealer is that you can almost always get a choice of warranties for your machine. That means you can pick the coverage that you need most for your machine.

For example, you may have the option of choosing a 30, 60, or 90 day warranty, and/or buying a 6-month power-train warranty. Some warranties may last for up to a year (or more). You may be comfortable with a 30-day warranty for a relatively new machine just to make sure there are no unforeseen problems that crop up in the first month. On the other hand, you may want the security of a longer warranty for a machine that may be a bit older.

Before you purchase your used forklifts, ask the dealer for the available warranties on each machine. Then choose the option that works best for both your comfort level and your budget.


Consider all factors before purchasing a warranty.

If your dealer offers you a choice of warranties for your used machine, you may want to consider a few factors before selecting one to add to your purchase. In particular, take these factors into consideration:

● Your overall budget: If you are tight on cash, you may want to purchase a shorter warranty in order to manage your cash flow more effectively.

● The condition of the machine: The older the machine is, the more likely you will be to use a warranty. In these cases, choose the warranty that gives you the most coverage possible.

● The amount of use your machine will get: The more you use your forklift, the more likely it is to break down or get damaged and therefore the more likely it is to need a strong warranty.

● How soon you plan to replace this current purchase: The sooner you plan to replace your purchase, the less of a warranty you likely require.


Don’t forget to consider maintenance plans as well.

A warranty can give you peace of mind when you buy used forklifts because they can protect you in the event of damage or a breakdown. However, do not forget about other ways to protect your investment. In particular, ask your dealer about maintenance plans for your machines.

Maintenance plans allow you to receive professional support from trained technicians. These professionals will complete routine maintenance on your machine, on schedule. As a result, these plans can prevent costly breakdowns by catching and repairing problems early or by preventing problems from arising at all.

Here at Darr Equipment, we offer a wide variety of both used and new forklifts. We are happy to help you find the machine that best fits your needs and your budget. In order to give you the peace of mind you deserve about your purchase, most of our machines also come with warranties and maintenance plans.

With the right warranty and/or maintenance plan, you can confidently purchase used forklifts. The maintenance plan will ensure that your machine receives appropriate care from trained technicians to extend its life as long as possible. The warranty will save you on costly repairs for breakdowns that occur within the time period.

The next time you need a forklift, turn to Darr Equipment. We can provide you with the equipment, and the peace of mind, that you are looking for.

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