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Featured image for “3 Things to Check Before Purchasing Used Pallet Racking”

Used pallet racking is incredibly cost-effective and even good for the environment, as it reduces the amount of resources and emissions required to produce a new racking unit. However, if you have plans to order secondhand shelving from an industrial equipment dealer, be sure check the condition of the racking prior to purchasing.

Featured image for “Shelf Love: The Benefits of Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving”

Because products must remain in good condition while they are being stored, proper shelving is an essential part of any warehouse space. However, many business owners can agree that picking the right shelving system for their warehouse is one of the most challenging tasks to perform.

Featured image for “Maximize Your Workspace with Warehouse Storage Racks and More”

Have you ever wondered if doing something as simple as changing the layout of your warehouse could impact your bottom line? News flash: it can, and in a big way. Warehouse optimization involves examining every corner of your workspace to improve the health of your business and maximize your warehouse’s potential.