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When to Replace Forklift Forks

Forklifts, like any type of industrial equipment, require regular inspection and maintenance to remain in good working order. And one of the most important areas of the forklift to keep an eye on is the forks. 

Because the forks take the brunt of the load, come into contact with loads first, and do not always show wear and tear when they begin to weaken, it is vital that you inspect them regularly and replace them as soon as any problems arise. In fact, legally, you must conduct an in-depth inspection of the forklift forks every year and replace them under specific circumstances. 

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5 Reasons Darr Loves Connecting with Our Community at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo

A family-owned company for more than six decades, Darr Equipment Co. provides customized industrial equipment solutions to our customers. We believe in providing excellent customer service and always putting our customers first. In addition to these core values, we’re proud supporters of the local communities in which we operate. 

That’s why, for 14 years, we’ve been honored to sponsor the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Houston’s rodeo is more than a community tradition -- it’s an event held in high-esteem throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

We’ve loved our 14 years of sponsorship, and this year, we’ve put together five of our favorite reasons for connecting with our community and being a part of this amazing event year after year. 

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